SAFETY AT SEA2017-01-09T19:32:09+00:00
  • Always listen to the latest weather reports! Go out on a fishing trip by boat in calm weather only!  Do not forget – the weather report can be wrong too!

  • Every person has to wear a lifejacket!

  • The most important safety equipment is probably your mobile phone! Keep it in a watertight plastic bag or box – always ready to hand!

  • Do not go out at sea alone! If possible, join together with other boats!

  • Hvis det er mulig, dra helst i lag med flere båter!

  • Drive out on those routes only, which you safely recognize on your GPS and keep yourself off dangerous shallows!

  • Remember the names or the positions of the angling places!

  • No alcohol onboard!

  • Take care of an even weight distribution on board!

  • Have respect for the sea and listen to the local people!

  • Take care of sufficient fuel in the tank!

Observing these recommendations will get you on a safe trip.