Safety at sea

  • Always listen to the latest weather reports! Go out on a fishing trip by boat in calm weather only!  Do not forget – the weather report can be wrong too!

  • Every person has to wear a lifejacket!

  • The most important safety equipment is probably your mobile phone! Keep it in a watertight plastic bag or box – always ready at hand!

  • Do not go out at sea alone!

  • If possible, preferably join multiple boats!

  • Use routes which you can safely recognize on your GPS. Keep yourself off dangerous shallows!

  • Remember the names or the positions of the angling places!

  • No alcohol onboard!

  • Take care to have even weight distribution on board!

  • Have respect for the sea and listen to the local people!

  • Take care of sufficient fuel in the tank!

Safety on guided tours

Aboard the vessel the main risks are injuries due to slipping, falling and crushing. It is therefore very important to be attentive of when the vessel is performing sharp turns, the deck is slippery and there are bad weather conditions. It is also important to keep baggage out of the way. The captain will make a judgement if it is necessary to be sitting. Life jackets needs to be worn at any time during the trip.

At the sea there can occur unexpected situations like injuries, man overboard, fire, collision, going aground and evacuation. It is important to know how to handle these situations. If major injuries occur it is necessary to perform first-aid until medical personnel is available. Aid can be contacted through telephone or VHF. The vessel has its own first-aid kit available. If a person falls overboard, it is important to alert the captain, search for the person and throw out a lifebuoy. If fire appears it must be put out immediately. Close the fire source if possible and find out if anyone might be trapped by the fire. Many of these situations might cause an evacuation. The captain will make a judgement of this and will give further commands of how to use the life raft.

A thorough run-through of the safety routines will be performed by the captain before any guided tours.

Weather forecast